Project Boon - Dev Diary #33 - A lot of improvements made

I've made a lot of changes since the last update:

-Actors have an audio component instead of using the "Play Sound" node.
-Soldiers drop ammo when dead.
-Enemies react when attacked.
-Minigunners shoot with the proper speed, now they're extremely dangerous. When I implement infighting it's going to be hilarious.
-The crosshair uses an individual widget with a new material and can be easily customized.
-I removed the spread from the pistol, now every time you shoot it hits the center.
-Every weapon is an individual actor with its own logic. This is in fact the way I started the weapon system at first, then I put everything inside the Player Character, but this was a bad idea. Now everything works perfectly and is more manageable.
-For weapons I swapped Delays with Timelines and this made disappear any previous glitches I encountered.
-Weapons get attached to a Scene Component, it allows me to do switching animations and it'll allow me to make the weapon swing when the player is moving.
-They also have some of the networking functionality in place, shooting is calculated server side and the effects (damage and sound) replicated.
-Some actors have a dynamic light component.
-The Main Menu is no longer a photo, is its own map with a special camera actor (a pawn) that slowly turns randomly. I'll use this new camera for map and match endings like Quake does.
-There's a basic menu with audio volume, video options, start map options and server browser. It needs improvements but it's functional.

I've spent a lot of time with the networking bit of the logic and I haven't finish it yet. I think I'm going to stop working on it until I finish other things first because there're still some fundamental parts that I can't figure out and they're taking me precious time away that I could spend on other stuff like better gore with gibbing or making more enemies.

It's a little bit disappointing but it's the best way to move forward and get things done ASAP.