Project Boon - Dev Diary #30 - Finishing the health and armor systems

I waited to finish the health and armor systems until I got the weapon system done. Now damage affects player and enemies correctly.

This is how it works, if you don't have any armor all the Damage goes to Health. Normal Armor absorbs 1/3 and Mega Armor absorbs half the Damage. But if you have less Armor Points than the amount to absorb then armor behaves like Health Points.

Also, if you have 99 Mega Armor points and get a Normal Armor you'll have 100 Armor Points but the absortion will be reduced form 1/2 to 1/3, making it a negative trade off.

The Environmental Suit and Invulnerability are working as expected.

Radial damage coming from a missile pushes the player, the same can be done to enemies but I'll leave it like this until further experimentation is done.

I tweaked the nukage material to display different textures animated in sequence.