Project Boon - Dev Diary #26 - Updating the weapon system

There were some animation glitches that I fixed. I had to add some extra sprites to the pistol, shotgun and minigun because their muzzle flash didn't include the weapon.

They're some kind of graphical overlay that gets drawn on top of another sprite.

I could have added a socket and synchronized the Flipbooks but this solution is far easier and simpler.

These are the additional changes I made:

The pistol has perfect accuracy on the first shot but if you keep pulling the trigger the recoil makes the bullet spread horizontally.

The same goes for the minigun but this one fires in 2 bullets bursts.

If you got a berserk pack and use the fist you will punch multiple targets in an area of effect. This will make it very useful with hordes of weak enemies.

The shotgun shoots 7 pellets at a time spread horizontally.

The super shotgun shoots 20 pellets at a time spread in a cone. I'm thinking about making it capable of piercing enemies too.