Project Boon - Dev Diary #22 - First tests importing a map from SketchUp

I've been working on an efficient process to create maps and here it's my first test.

The map is a reimagined version of E1M1 from Doom I made with SketchUp.

The problem I had is that I want people to be able to use the same process even commercially. Unfortunately, unless you get the Pro version you are not allowed to share your work for money.

With the exception of SketchUp 8, which is the last version released by Google just before Trimble bought the program.

In other words, it is in fact possible to use the free version of SketchUp 8 with commercial intent with no problem whatsoever.

So I've been transfering my stuff to SketchUp 8 and now I can continue with the project at the same pace as before.

To import the assets into UE4 you need to convert them first to FBX, I used Blender for that because the free versions of SketchUp only have Collada.

Why don't I use Blender directly? Because SketchUp is comparatively MUCH faster and I'm already proficient at it.

And if you do it right you don't need to worry about UV mapping and other annoying stuff.